Hello!  My name is Dan Fitzpatrick and I live on Northview Avenue in the energized and evolving South Inglewood area.  My wife Hannah (a native-Nashvillian) and I are the parents of a young son.  Keeping Nashville an affordable, equitable, and forward-thinking city for him is a major reason I am seeking to serve on the Metro Council

I work for Market Enginuity, a company that represents public radio and television stations and mission-driven, educational, and inspirational podcast producers across the U.S. I love working in public media because the stations and producers that we represent provide a voice to parts of the community that are not always heard, which is something that value. This holistic approach shapes how I approach issues and concerns — every viewpoint matters.

I am the current president of the South Inglewood Neighborhood Association (I’ve never missed a meeting, something I delight in reminding my fellow board members). As I helped alongside enthusiastic new and longer-term residents revitalize the association a few years ago, I saw just how eager the entire community is to have active, engaged leadership addressing their concerns.

My greatest strengths — leadership, listening, empathy and consensus-building — are ideal for working with all the neighbors here in District 7 and within such a large body as the Metro Council. Nashville is becoming a more vibrant and exciting city by the day, and also faces many challenges. I hope, if elected, to serve on the council’s budget and finance committee so District 7 will have a seat at the table and be heard when it comes to how, where and when residents’ tax dollars should be spent.


Dan’s Plan





* My campaign pillars are below.  i would also love for you to check out the blog page at the top of the site.  The reason why i am writing those is so that you can see and understand my thought process as i maintain my pledge to be the most accessible and transparent candidate*


A Balanced Budget Based on Fairness

Nashville is booming. As an “it” city, we are seeing unprecedented growth. That’s great, but why did we have to withdraw promised cost-of-living raises for Metro employees and teachers? Why are we looking to make one-time land sales of Metro property and depleting the rainy-day fund just to make ends meet with the bare minimum budget?

The city, its employees and its residents all deserve to take part in Nashville’s amazing and exciting growth. I will work to make sure Metro has the funds necessary to provide the services, salaries and housing support that all Nashvillians can access. All of Nashville should rise as the city prospers.


Encourage district 7 growth rather than continued downtown-oriented incentives

Downtown is now self-sustaining and no longer needs the incentive packages (i.e. TIF) it once offered to new businesses or investors to locate there. Let’s take some of that opportunity and invest it elsewhere. Davidson County is huge, and District 7, which extends from South Inglewood beyond Briley Parkway and into Madison, is large. I will work for smart growth, built by locals who are paid a fair wage that benefits all of our residents. 


Tireless advocate for school empowerment

The character of the staff, educators, and students within District 7 schools is unparalleled. New residents and those with young children need to see that their community is behind their local schools.  I will make sure that school news, events, open houses, tours and everything else education-related is included in community communications so residents can see the great things that are happening there.

Advocating for our schools also means ensuring their budget is fully funded and providing the educators and staff with the tools they need to succeed. This doesn’t just mean a blank check — as I will explore the possibility of additional oversight to ensure that the education budget is utilized efficiently and transparently – but it does mean ensuring that their resources match the city we can become.


Keep moving ahead while leaving no one behind

Metro Council members are term-limited, so it’s imperative that we do not drop the ball on items that may extend beyond anyone’s service. Councilmembers must ensure that major programs and initiatives are seen through. I will continue current District 7 Councilmember Anthony Davis’ work in making sure that legislation he helped author, such as the Do Better Bill, continues to provide all of us with the transparency needed in our public investment. Additionally, I will continue the work of making sure that the newly upgraded building of the Nashville Public Library’s Inglewood Branch is included in future capital budgets.

Effective public service and advocacy, at its core, means making sure our residents are not behind. Neighbors tell me — often — that they are now paying the highest property taxes ever, yet feeling they have little show for it in terms of city improvements or services.
There is also tension between older and newer residents. Can we keep Nashville’s culture of welcoming hospitality while also changing to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving society? I pledge to hear every viewpoint on every issue and help craft solutions that work for everyone. 

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